Beyond conventional agencies.

Our dedication to delivering brilliant work has led us to partner with brilliant brands, where we continuously create new and improved ways in which the finance function operates.

Lyeloon works with fast-growing tech start-ups to award-winning creative agencies, where our teams' know-how is valuable in finance operations, ensuring our clients stay close to their numbers.


At Lyeloon, you can crew up or crew down with your finance team function without committing to a high increase in monthly payroll costs.

Our scope of finance roles and activities can get your business the support it needs when it needs it.


Years of experience

Meet the partners..

Lyeloon Kazi

Lyeloon Kazi / Partner

Commercial and Finance Director with over 20 years of experience working with award-winning creative agencies and tech startups.

Advising leadership, board and management teams drive financial strategy and direction, manage investor relations and develop funding strategies with growth-phase start-ups.

Lyeloon navigates emerging businesses' challenges and opportunities whilst delivering a commercial plan that grows with the company, providing critical financial reassurance to her clients.

Delivering valuable insights and driving financial success for clients is what Lyeloon loves!

Dharan Desai

Dharan Desai / Partner

As a certified financial modeller, Dharan specialises in creating financial models that play a pivotal role for businesses seeking data-driven decision-making.

If you need help in analysing and forecasting financial outcomes, assessing the feasibility of projects, or evaluating investment opportunities, you're in the right place.

Specialising in accounting for blockchain protocols and DeFi, Dharan has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field. Having built up an extensive network of professionals in the space allows him to tap into a wider pool of expertise and partnership opportunities.

Jay Desai

Jay Desai / Partner - Tech

An accomplished technologist, Jay has a reputation for steering businesses towards technological excellence.

Having worked with a wide range of organisations, from startups to large enterprises, and with over a decade of experience, Jay’s passion is to drive transformative technological solutions to your business.

A specialist in designing and implementing software architecture, developing APIs and voice applications, Jay is committed to delivering bespoke technology solutions which will deliver results for your business.