Finance Services

Our 3-tier support framework allows you to receive finance team services where your business needs them the most. So, whether you're looking for additional resources to bolster up your existing finance team, you currently need a finance team in place, or you need a one-off project you'd like some help with, we've got you covered.

Fundamental Support

Our essential support service encompasses day-to-day finance administration and the maintenance of your business financial records.

Central Support

The central support tier aims to provide comprehensive financial support, covering key finance functions that address your essential reporting needs.

Strategic Support

Lyeloon's strategic support level was created to provide you with deeper insights into the financial performance of your business.

Fundamental Support
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Recording and organising financial transactions, such as sales, expenses, and invoices, accurately and systematically.

Comparing your business's financial records with bank statements to ensure accuracy and identify any discrepancies.

Tracking and categorising business expenses, managing expense reports, and ensuring compliance with company policies.

Maintaining organised and up-to-date financial records, including general ledgers, trial balances, and financial statements.

Central Support

Generating and analysing reports related to your customer invoices and receivables to track and manage your cash flow.

Providing reports that summarise your outstanding supplier invoices and payables, allowing you to manage your payment obligations effectively.

Creating reports that provide insights into your business's cash flow, including incoming and outgoing funds, helps you monitor liquidity and make informed financial decisions.

Managing and processing payments to suppliers, ensuring timely and accurate disbursements while maintaining proper records.

Recognition of revenue in compliance with accounting standards, helping you accurately report your business's financial performance.

Assisting with reconciliations and financial analysis specific to project-based activities, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting of project-related finances.

Conduct a thorough review of your monthly financial accounts, identifying any discrepancies or areas of concern and providing insights to help you understand your financial performance.

Preparing and submitting Value Added Tax (VAT) returns on your behalf, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and facilitating accurate reporting of VAT liabilities.

Managing payroll processing, including salary calculations, tax deductions, and pension contributions, to ensure accurate and timely employee payment.

Facilitating effective communication and collaboration with your team to address finance-related queries and provide support.

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Strategic Support
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Prepare detailed reports that provide detailed financial analysis, key performance indicators, and insights into your business's financial performance regularly.

Creating financial models that allow you to forecast and simulate various scenarios to make informed decisions about future investments, growth strategies, and financial planning.

Compiling comprehensive reports and presentations for board meetings, providing a clear overview of the financial status, performance, and strategic initiatives of your business.

Participating in board or leadership meetings to provide financial insights, advice, and support to help shape strategic decisions and align financial goals with overall business objectives.

Generating reports and updates for shareholders that provide transparency and visibility into the financial health and performance of the company.

Maintaining and reporting accurate records of the company's ownership structure, including shares, equity allocations, and changes in ownership.

Assisting with financial due diligence processes for investment rounds, acquisitions, or venture debt financing, providing comprehensive financial analysis and support to facilitate informed decision-making.

Lyeloon excels in seamless systems implementations, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and integration tailored to your business's unique operational needs.

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